9:30 h Opening

Mr. Toni Soler, Dr. of Tercentenary Commission. Barcelona City Hall
Mrs. Rosa Maria Barberà, Vice Dean ICAB.

Mr. Oriol Illa, Director of Fundació Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia.
10:00 h 1st session: Media Pluralism

Independent press and alternative media. Big corporations and media groups provide biased and partial information. TV is getting more a media of entertainment than a media of Communications. Research journalism can be considered an activist option more than a profession. Internet allow more options.
  • Mr. Jaume Roures, Associate founder of Grup Mediapro
  • Mrs. Xiana Siccardi, Journalist. 
  • Introduce: Mr. Joffre Villanueva, Political Science expert 
11:30 h Coffee break
12:00 h 2nd session: Which are the limits of the protest right in a democratic society?

On behalf of security reasons, the protest right is getting minimum levels. 15M Movement or Occupy Wall Street are examples of the uncomfortable effects generated for the governments and for the International institutions. What can a citizen claim as legitimate when he/she wants to express his/her right to protest?
  • Mr. Joan-Francesc Pont, President of the Fundació Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia
  • Mrs. Ina Piperaki, President of a working group collaborating with the BEPA (Bureau of European Policy Advisers) at European Commission.
  • Mr. Fernando Marques, Professor of Political Science and researcher in Lisbon universities. 
13:30 h Lunch break
15:00h 3rd session: Privacy versus transparency

Snowden case has started a debate that makes us to rethink our democracy levels. Are all the governments able to use all the tools to break citizens privacy? What is the government’s accountability? Challenges and changes to improve accountability.
  • Mrs. Simona Levi, activist focused on the issues of free culture, e-democracy and the strategic use of digital tools for collective organisation, communication and action.
  • Mr. Ramon Moles-Plaza, Director of the ‘Research Center of Governance of the risk’ at Autonomous University of Barcelona
  • Mr. Santiago Castellà, Phd of Public International Law and Professor at University Rovira i Virgili of Tarragona
16:30 h Conclusions and closure

Mr. Joffre Villanueva, Mr. Joan-Francesc Pont and Mr. Santiago Castellà. 

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