During the year 2013 we have organized more than twenty seminars among which a workshop (Mellóntikos) European dimension with noted the participation of more than 50 young people from a dozen European countries. But we also conducted several investigations in different fields. This 2013, our organization has been incorporated into the Spanish Think Tanks Guide and in 2012 was incorporated into the Guide Think Tanks in Catalonia, developed by two professors at the University (UOC).

Next action we organize an international meeting "Crisis and civil liberties" to be held in Barcelona on November 15, 2013, an initiative promoted by Francesc Ferrer i Guardia Foundation in the Programme: Tricentenari 1714X2014 Viure Lliure, Ajuntament de Barcelona. This workshop aims to provide knowledge, share experiences and discuss the effects more invisible than the economic crisis is causing in Europe: civil liberties.

This event consists of several sessions of discussion and debate with the joint participation in each other of internationally significant people, both civic and political, activist, and economically, and socially. Each discussion session will consist of a speaker from academic profile or a lawyer, another speaker that provides a vision and practice specifically related to social activism or associative, and finally an experienced speaker profile give the field of communication and journalism. Each session will address different aspects of individual and collective freedoms, focusing special attention throughout the day on the freedoms of expression and association
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